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Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Workers Compensation Lawyer

injured neck of a person
Workers Compensation

Lawyers really get a rough deal, often portrayed as over-priced, not being trustworthy, yet there will come a time when you need the services of a lawyer. We are quite lucky that if you are suffering a Personal Injury or Workplace Accident, we have a lawyer that also is a registered medical professional. Did you know that injury and compensation claims fall under the umbrella of Health Law.

The truth is, most lawyers are good people, working to help out our members of the community navigate the complex maze that comprises The Legal System.

Yet how many know how to navigate The Healthcare System? Able to understand medical jargon, how medications can have an effect on you, even the repercussions of your injury long term.

That’s where the team at Hogan Stanton Lawyers can assist you to effectively present and argue your case, help you through those feelings of why “you feel you deserve” remuneration for your accident – even if you are 100% justified and entitled to compensation. By combining the experience of healthcare and law.

So, if you suffer a workplace accident and are wondering whether or not you need to hire a workers compensation lawyer, the answer is Yes.

Stay Strong and be Focused

No one likes to get injured, yet it can occur, think about this…

You have just been seriously injured on the job, now you are in and out of the hospital, your family is concerned, bills and the debt is beginning to stack up, you’re in pain, tired, stressed… and now you have to work out what to do moving forward.

Deciding to engage a Workers Compensation Lawyer that is also a registered Medical Professional gives you peace of mind during a difficult time. While they work in the background to collect information, build your case, file your claim and deal with your employer’s insurance company, you can concentrate on what really matters for you and your family – and that’s getting better.

Now we take it one-step further with having the experience in the field and the knowledge of the Healthcare System, this knowledge helps to concrete the foundations for the Workers Compensation Claim.

Ultimately, handling a compensation claim yourself does not provide you with the best possible chance of the claim being settled in your favour.

Need some peace of mind…and think you could benefit from speaking with a lawyer that also is a registered medical practitioner. You need to speak with Angelika Patras

book a consultation with our team for your workers compensation claim today!


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