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Get the Right Injury Lawyers with a No Win No Fee*

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Injury Claims can be daunting and getting the right assistance and guidance is imperative

Yes, starting the injury claim process can be overwhelming, yet it doesn’t really have to be. Getting the right help from the beginning, ensures that navigating through the legalities with ease will bring you the best possible outcome for your case.

And having also a medical professional as your lawyer as well, is a definite


Get the right Injury Lawyers with a No Win No Fee

Here are several steps you should take if you have fallen victim to an injury.

Seek Medical Attention

Don’t hesitate the very first thing you should do if injured is seek medical attention.

You may think it is not serious yet often the difference between a successful claim and one that’s not, can come down to the extent of the medical records used as evidence to support the claim. The best way to do this is by being organised. Keep a detailed log of any expenses related to your injury and asking your GP/Doctor for a copy of your medical records after each visit.

Tell your employer, they need to become aware of the injury and fill out an incident report as soon as you can. Doing it quickly allows for the details to be fresh in your mind, this is also very important.

What Is Classified As An Injury?

Injuries will fall (pardon the PUN) under several categories some of the most common ones are:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident (Car or Motorbike)

  • Workplace Injury

  • Medical Negligence

  • Public Liability Injury

Get The Right Representation

Seeking legal advice after an injury is a smart way to ensure you are properly compensated. For the best compensation and claim results, you have to find a lawyer that specialises in your type of injury claim.

How Does It all Work?

Most Injury Lawyers will offer free assessments. During this, you will be asked questions relating to your claim. This assessment helps to identify whether you have a suitable case for compensation or not. Injury lawyers can provide an idea of the entitlements and compensation you may be able to claim for, based on your assessment.

Evidence is vital, so your injury lawyer will request all the evidence you have to support your case. This includes documentation such as medical files, employee statements or incident reports, photographs of the incident, and proof of expenditure relating to your recovery. Once all essential evidence has been collected, your lawyer will submit your claim to your insurer.

Insurers will usually offer you a settlement amount. This is the time where you can decide if this is a reasonable payment. At this point, it is good to get advice off your lawyer to see if it is fair and acceptable. If you are not happy with the sum that the insurer has offered, or your claim has been rejected, you may have to go to court and take the matter further. Your injury lawyer will advise you on the steps to take based on your situations.

It is fairly standard for injury lawyers to offer a No Win – No Fee guarantee. Before signing any documents, you should understand and read the fine print in the contract. However some lawyers might still require payment if they do not win. For this reason, it is important that you are aware if this is the case, as it could cost you thousands of dollars. Our No Win – No Fee Guarantee ensures that you will not be charged for any of our professional fees if your claim is unsuccessful.

What do Professional Fees Cost?

This cost is a major factor for many cases and you should be aware of how much the whole process is going to cost you. Injury Lawyer fees vary depending on their cost agreements. Things to look out for to save yourself money:

Capped or fixed fees – fees that are not time based.

If the up-front costs are covered – Even if a firm claims to cover all up-front expenses, there may be some costs titled disbursements that they may not fund such as medical reports from specialists that are needed to support your claim.

Timeframe Limits Apply For Claims

It is very important that you get your injury claim process started as quickly as possible, as time limits apply. Putting off your claim may see you miss out on the compensation you are entitled to. In most instances, it cannot be more than 3 years after the injury has occurred to claim compensation.

Speak To Trusted Professionals

If you have sustained an injury, speak to us, it is in your best interest. As a firm with an experienced Injury Lawyer that also has medical knowledge and knows how the healthcare system works, we are here to help with your claim.

Give us a call to discuss your options, you don’t have to go through it alone. Here at Hogan Stanton Lawyers, we have many years’ experience helping our community gain the compensation they need to get them back on track with their recovery. Check out our website for more information or call our team on 07 32781888

*No Win No Fee is for the legal firms professional fees only


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