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Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Separating? What about your property matters?

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Property Matters

After you separate and before negotiations can commence to settle property matters you will need your former spouse or partner to provide you with all relevant information regarding the value of the assets and liabilities, and their financial position. The Family Law Rules provide that parties have a legal obligation to provide the details of all relevant financial information and documentation that is or has been in the possession, or under the control of the party disclosing the document and is relevant.

Therefore you will need to request copies of the following types of documents:

  1. Three market appraisals (from three different real estates) in relation to any real property that is owned solely or jointly with any other person;

  2. A market appraisal and full description of all motor vehicle/s or vessels owned;

  3. A market appraisal of any other asset owned;

  4. Taxation returns and assessments for the three (3) most recent financial years;

  5. Superannuation documents for superannuation interests;

  6. In relation to any business, company, corporation, partnership or trust you will need financial statements for each, tax returns and assessments, bank statements or other financial institution statements of account (credit and debit) for the three (3) most recent years; a copy of any trust deed, corporate constitution or partnership agreement;

  7. In relation to liabilities (debts) including but not limited to home loans, vehicle loans, personal loans, credit cards or any other loan, loan account statements for the three (3) most recent years, loan document or contract, loan application form for each debt;

  8. Documents regarding financial contributions (including value of assets) made by you at the commencement of cohabitation, inheritances/ gifts or any compensation payments received during cohabitation or expected to be received in the future, any purchase or disposal of property in the 12 months prior to and since separation, any increase or reduction of liabilities since separation;

  9. A list of all bank accounts (or credit union/ building society accounts), details of account numbers, passbook and bank statements for the three (3) most recent financial years, and current balance of each account, records of any investments (stocks or shares), details of any social security pension or payment details, details/ records of any long service leave accrued, records relating to life assurance or disability insurance;

  10. List any other relevant documentation.

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