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Fixed Fee Conveyancing


Queensland Lawyers handling your Conveyance

For Stress-Free Property Settlements,

Low Fixed Fees our lawyers provide fast and affordable Conveyancing

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Why Choose
Hogan Stanton Lawyers

Whether you’re an experienced investor, a first-time property owner or looking to sell your property, Hogan Stanton Lawyers simplifies the process of property settlement. Our innovative systems streamline conveyancing allowing us to deliver

a full online process.

Our transparent approach is reflected in our communication directly with a lawyer and not a conveyance clerk.

 We’re straightforward, approachable and ensure your transaction runs smoothly. 

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Experienced Legal Team

Our conveyancing team are led by lawyers who have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to share.

Transparent Affordable Fixed Pricing

We have streamlined the conveyancing process, making it fast, simple and cost-effective for our clients. We offer complete transparency when it comes to professional and third-party fees.

Convenient Online service

Complete your conveyance from the comfort of your home. Our conveyancing service can be conducted 100% online and via the phone.

Conveyancing at the right price

No hidden fees. No surprises

3 easy steps...

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*FIXED FEES are for professional Fees only

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